Sam is a visual designer at IBM, currently working on Blockchain

I have experience in creating visual and interactive guides for products on a global scale.

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New Designers, D&AD New Blood and a degree show...😳

What happens when you let 8 of our design team loose in London and task them to find some great talent? Well, at a guestimate - 300/400 students spoken to and some amazing people found! Come find us @NewDesigners we're looking for some great people to join us! pic.

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Building a brand: Part 2, Just ship it!

Throwing ideas away is part of the creative process and getting used to that idea is part of how designers are trained. Critiques at university were (and are) a weekly occurrence for designers of all disciplines, so taking on board feedback into your designs is a key skill. Having run

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Building a brand: Part 1, Understanding

I am lucky enough to be part of a team looking to rebrand the UK Labs (though it is closer to building a brand for the UK Labs - having never had much love, its getting some attention now). Having run a workshop with some of the key stakeholders in

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Student Awards: The RSA

Yesterday evening, myself and Danny Skinner were lucky enough to spend the evening with the Royal Society of Arts at their HQ in London for the culmination of their year long search for the best design talent graduating this year: The Student Design Awards. Having searched through thousands of students

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Creative Network South - IoT is not as it seems

Todays morning was filled with introducing IoT to the Southern Creative Network ( One of the key takeaways was about how IoT is now not being labelled as IoT, take Apple's HomeKit ( who have just reduced the barrier to entry

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IBM Design Colours on Desktop

Playing with Electron and building a desktop app for the IBM Design Colour palette? Sure, why not? :P I ended up with something along these lines: But I seem to have broken it now and can't get it working again :S Ah well...something to do with the compiling :S

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Slippery slopes

Interactions in the modern world can be complex. Creating a dashboard with multiple layers of information can remove that information first attitude we often go for. Smoothing the interactions in After Effects was a big help: This bounce animation I used a couple of times: amp = .1;freq = 2.0;

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