Building a brand: Part 2, Just ship it!

Throwing ideas away is part of the creative process and getting used to that idea is part of how designers are trained. Critiques at university were (and are) a weekly occurrence for designers of all disciplines, so taking on board feedback into your designs is a key skill.


Having run our workshop to build an idea of what we were looking to create we had a very limited amount of time from then to build those ideas into something tangible. 3 days from start to the proposal to take something forward was all we had.

Having a time constraint can be quite fun, however building a comprehensive brand in 3 days? Yeah not happening. Making sure we had an initial wordmark we could build upon? Now thats the goal.


Much like pretty much all the software products we design, the idea of making something scalable was comfortable for everyone - and that was what we were doing here. We wanted to go through a 3 step process here:

  1. Propose an initial idea, simple, no literature surrounding it nor any real customisation or colour. This is a throwaway for a single event.

  2. Get creative and build a brand, provide literature (eg. brand guidelines), different site wordmarks/artwork and really reach the full potential for the design. This could quite potentially look and feel nothing like what we proposed in 1 but would be the final output.

  3. Campaign focused branding - this is where we could start to look at individual events or specialised messages for different personas. This is also where we could really start building out the ephemera for such an exercise. Looking at signage, motion and usage on different mediums.


Iteration is key, thats the takeaway here (and making sure your stakeholders understand this).

So what are the next steps?

We've got a second workshop lined up, this one to discuss the message (or slogan) to be displayed, along with starting to look at how we can bring the personality from each site into the brand. The initial wordmark we agreed upon is to be used for an event happening at the beginning of July.


The first iteration wordmark