Creative Network South - IoT is not as it seems

Todays morning was filled with introducing IoT to the Southern Creative Network ( One of the key takeaways was about how IoT is now not being labelled as IoT, take Apple's HomeKit


who have just reduced the barrier to entry to the entire IoT industry and produced a way for every device to speak the same language (producing an ecosystem overnight) as soon as standardisation is there, people will buy into it. Gone are the huge costs to introduce dedicated environments or apps - just use the HomeKit API and cut the middle man out (the custom app creator).

Next worthy mention goes to the Aviva Drive Challenge ( gamifying IoT data collection in a very novel way:

Compete against your family and friends to see who the best driver is? Sure we'll all buy into that...but at the same time we're handing over, age, gender, car information, distance drove, accelerometer data, gyro etc etc, so that Aviva can build a better profile of their customers and reduce their risk.

Further more Aviva will offer you a discount at the end of the week...what more could you want right?

Well...maybe an understanding of where your data is actually going to be used ;)